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What we do


Copy-and-paste tutorials with boilerplate code created specifically for hackathons.


Comprehensive resources for organizing your own hackathons.


A platform for data-driven team formation and mentors access within a supportive community.

About us

The idea for HackerPack came in Winter 2016 from a student hackathon at Johns Hopkins University. The central idea of hackathons is motivating students to build projects to solve problems they are passionate about and empowering them to achieve more after the hackathon. We were both upset about the lack of diversity in the tech industry and hackathons and wanted to use HackerPack to find our solutions to this problem.

Since then, we have experimented with various approaches. From working full-time in the summer to build our web applications to traveling to schools and conferences to share our ideas and hope for the future, we have brought new solutions to a wide audience and hope to continue doing so.

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